Phoenix News · Alumni Spotlight- Annalise Cameron

Catching up with Alumni Annalise Cameron Class of 2016

What sports did you play while at Oberlin?
Basketball, Volleyball and was a member of the Marching Band

Did you play any sports in college after you graduated?
Upon graduation, I attended Oberlin College and played basketball until my career ended due to a back injury.

What was your favorite class and or teacher while at Oberlin?
While I was in high school, concert band was my favorite class. It was (and still is) taught by Mr. Gnizak, an incredibly gifted teacher and musician, who shaped my passion for music during my years as his student. I played the flute and piccolo and loved spending my spare time putting in extra hours for class and performances.

What is your favorite sports memory from Oberlin?
As a student athlete, I have many cherished memories from my years on multiple teams. One of my favorite memories was during my senior season of marching band. As co-field commander, my team and I worked tirelessly in preparation for the homecoming light show performance. I will never forget the moment the lights turned off and the crowd erupted in cheers. The feeling of hours of preparation finally being brought to life was so fulfilling. I will always remember that show!

If you could give any advice to current high school students what would you tell them?
High school is a time when you may feel the pressure of growing uncertainty about your future. This feeling is easily amplified by things happening close to home and in the world around us. The two most important skills that one can strive to improve on everyday to address this feeling are PATIENCE and RESILIENCE.
Be patient with yourself and the process! Give yourself the time and space to slow down and reflect when life is feeling out of your control.
Be resilient when an unexpected obstacle is thrown at you! Challenges are a chance to actively improve yourself and overcome any doubt, uncertainty or fear you may feel.