Phoenix News · Alumni Spotlight- Sarah (Andrews) Stafford

Catching up with Alumni Sarah (Andrews) Stafford, Class of 2010

What sports did you play while at Oberlin?
Soccer (4 years)
Basketball (2 years)
Softball (4 years)
Marching Bands (4 years)

Did you play any sports in college after you graduated?
I went to Oberlin College where I played soccer and lacrosse all four years (and basketball for one season)! I still play recreational adult lacrosse and co0ed soccer, as well as anything for which I can find a team!

What was your favorite class and or teacher while at Oberlin?
Oh man, it’s hard to pick! Physics with Mr. Craigo; History with Mr. Russell and Mr. Roniger; English with Mrs. Price and Ms. Eiskamp; Math with Ms. Smiley and Grandpa; Band with Mr. Gnizak; Art with Mrs. Kretchmar
I guess if I had to choose, I’d say physics (I went on to minor in that at Oberlin College), but ya can’t forget having the opportunity to take mathematics with my my grandfather (who took over the class along with another retired Oberlin College math professor when our teacher went on maternity leave)!
 But then, band is such a special and fun experience, particularly when paired with marching band–and I didn’t think I had an artistic bone in my body until I took a class at OHS!   I reckon I should also give a shout-out to Mr. Baylis, Miss Palermo, and the awesome administrators who helped everything run smoothly)  Maybe I can’t choose, haha–honestly, I look back on all of them fondly!  I think I’m quite lucky to have had such a great high school experience!
What is your favorite sports memory from Oberlin?
Probably my favorite season was my senior fall when we surprised some teams and won the PAC Stripes women’s soccer title.  We went into the final game against Columbia needing a win or a tie to clinch the title.  It was a good game, and we won, 1-0 to secure the championship. It was the only time the Oberlin women have won the conference title in soccer.  Ever. Beyond that, I loved the whole thing!  Well, maybe not the losses and the conditioning…  But participating in athletics was (and is) something that brings me joy!
All my teammates and coaches, all the time spent working together to get better as a team and also as an individual player–it’s both the time on the field and the time in the locker room and on the bus and in the weight room.
I think, if I try to put words to my thoughts as I think this through, it’s the feeling of pride that comes with having the opportunity to represent your school and working hard to do your best.
In addition to my own sports, I loved being able to watch my friends play!  I always looked forward to seeing my brother succeed on the soccer, football, and baseball fields; tennis court; and wrestling mat.
I loved that quintessential feeling of playing in the marching band for football on Friday evening or spending all day Saturday bouncing from game to game or helping Dad with the building the dugouts at the softball field or Mom in the snack shack.  Yep, I give up–definitely can’t pick just one!
If you could give any advice to current high school students what would you tell them?
The high school where I live now is huge!!  Take advantage of the opportunities afforded to you at a small(er) school like OHS.  Build relationships with your teachers.  Join a team.  Try out a new club.  Take a class at the College.  There’s no better time than now to give something a shot!  I’ve also found that playing a sport as an adult is one of my favorite ways to make friends!!