Phoenix News · Alumni Spotlight- Whitney Brown

Catching up with Alumni Whitney Brown , Class of 2005 and current Art Teacher at Oberlin High School. 

What sports did you play while at Oberlin?
Volleyball and Basketball

What was your favorite class and or teacher while at Oberlin?
Art with Mrs. Kretchmar. I also loved Home Economics (Shurr) PE (SHeffield), Aerobics (Winik) and Business (Tolbert-Brown)

What is your favorite sports memory from Oberlin?
I loved hearing Mr. George Abrams voice over the microphone after points were scored.

If you could give any advice to current high school students what would you tell them?
Weight training is soooo important for performance no matter what sport you play. Physical fitness is essential! Give everything your best effort and stay positive no matter what life throws at you.