Phoenix News · Alumni Spotlight- Meisha D. Baker M. Ed

Catching up with Alumni Mesiha D. Baker, Class of 1990 and the current Principal at Eastwood Elementary School

What schools did you attend?
All current schools in Oberlin (Eastwood, Prospect, Langston and OHS)
Undergraduate: Antioch College (Human Development: Elementary Education)
Grad School School: University of Toledo (Middle grades Education: mathematics & Cleveland State university (Principal Licensure PrK-12)

What sports did you play while at Oberlin?
Volleyball, Cheerleader, Track & Field

Did you play sports in college after you graduated?
No, in undergraduate school I attended (Antioch) that did not have sports.

What was your favorite class or teacher while at Oberlin?
At Langston- Mrs. Valentine (Language Arts), OHS- Spanish- Mrs. Peek

What is your favorite sports memory from Oberlin?
In 1986 when our boy’s basketball team went to state. Most get to hear about the team, students, the school community, and Oberlin as a whole coming together.  What Oberlin experienced was a true representation of school spirit. Witnessing it first hand is something I will never forget.

Being an Oberlin Sports Mom. Having the opportunity to cheer my own children on as they have been active participants of Oberlin athletics.
Daughter (Mia): Softball and Volleyball
Son (Isaac): Football and Basketball


If you could give any advice to current high school students what would you tell them?
Take academics seriously.  True friends will never make you choose between your education and having fun.  Join a sport or school club where you will have an opportunity to express yourself.  Lastly, be true to yourself and don’t let people discourage you from working toward your dreams.