Phoenix News · Spring Sports Update- Per OHSAA

March 13, 2020
TO:  Member School Administrators
FR:   Jerry Snodgrass, OHSAA Executive Director
RE:   Winter and Spring Sports Update

Good afternoon to each of you in these challenging and unique times! This communication is to update you on several issues that are related to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s recent order mandating school closures beginning next week and their impact on school‐based athletics. Please note this communication contains an attachment of “Q and A’s” that should address all questions you and/or coaches may have. Those can be found here:‐WinQ’sA’s.pdf

All Sports A MANDATORY no‐contact period is in effect for all school‐sponsored sports March 17‐April 5, 2020. Additionally, there will be a mandatory shut down of facilities used for the purpose of conducting athletics activities from March 17‐April 5, 2020.

A couple key points to remember:
1.) We are RELYING on your communication with your coaches to ensure compliance. Bylaw 11 (Penalties) of the OHSAA Handbook outlines the ability to assess penalties for violation. Obviously, we do not want violations, which makes your oversight and communication vital.
2.) The OHSAA Non‐Interscholastic Rule is still applicable to all athletes, including spring sport athletes. For spring sport athletes, they are in violation of the non‐interscholastic rule if they participate in any non‐school sport in the same season if they have already participated in a scrimmage or contest for the school team in that sport. Additionally, at no time are they permitted to participate in any non‐school sport exceeding the 50% limitation defined in General Sport Regulation 7.

With the return to school date tentatively set by Governor DeWine for April 6, the following will TENTATIVELY be in place:
April 6 – 10 MANDATORY Practices and/or Acclimatization (if required)

April 11  All Scrimmages/Regular Season Contests may begin

Tournaments will remain on dates as currently scheduled Please note:  Since the current situation is rapidly changing, any of these may need to be adjusted.  IF they are, notification will go out immediately to schools.

Thank you for your attention to this matter! Serving Our Member Schools and Enriching Opportunities for Students