Phoenix News · Langston MS Head Coach enters the LC Track Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our very own MS track coach Christina Madison for be selected to the Lorain County Track and Cross Country Hall of Fame.

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Christina Madison, Elyria (2006)

A two-time Division I state champ for the Pioneers, Madison earned her first as a freshman member of the 4×100 relay that set a state record (47.13). She also won the indoor state long jump title as a junior.

Madison got the second outdoor state title her senior year, winning the 2006 Division I long jump on her sixth and final attempt, going from seventh to first with a mark of 18-10.

“I couldn’t get it right,” Madison said. “I was so frustrated. There was a lot of emotion going from being the top athlete to struggling to even place the way I wanted to and the way I was use to.

“My dad was trying to help me get my steps down. My sister, Tianna, told me that I might as well foul before my last jump because you’re going to lose. It made me so mad that I ran to foul it and I actually won.

“I love that moment because the struggle and the journey to get to that point was so huge. Everything that used to come so easy I had to fight for from that moment. It was especially gratifying to have my sister and my dad right there and for Tianna to hand me my medal. It was a big deal.”

It was so huge because Madison was coming back after breaking her right leg her junior year at the Gilmour Invitational.

“It was my last jump of the day,” Madison said. “Everybody told me not to take it. I wanted to because I wanted the record. I ended up jumping 19-7 and breaking the record, but I also broke my leg at the same time. I had to have emergency surgery the same day.

“I was off my crutches in four weeks. I started rehab shortly after that. By week No. 8 I was doing small easy drills on the track. By the summer my dad had me back on the track trying to pick back up my strength and my speed. I was back doing regular drills by the third or fourth month of recovery.”

A three-time state qualifier in the 100-meter hurdles, Madison still holds the Lorain County record (14.09) she set in 2004.

Madison was the Purdue woman to win the indoor long jump title at the Big Ten Championships when she had a career-best 6.21 meters (20 feet, 4.5 inches).